Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Were sorry we haven't updated our blog but we have not had good luck at getting a decent wireless network at several RV sites.   So, we finally decided to make Nancy's iPhone a personal hotspot so we are now connected.  And now we need to catch up with where we have been.

We left San Marcos on Sunday and made it to Tyler, Tx.  We then headed for Longview, Tx to see my uncle.

On Monday, Nancy and I had a great time at lunch with my uncle Larry and his wife Pat.

We then headed towards our first planned stop at Savannah, Ga, spending nights in Jackson, Ms and Perry, Al.
We made it to Savannah on Thursday and headed for the historical section of town to determine what we wanted to do the next day.  On Friday, we had tickets to a trolley that we could get on and off at will.  We went all over the historical section and walked a lot when we couldn't catch the trolley.  Savannah is absolutely beautiful and the weather has been great with the temperature here in the low 70's.  Here are a few pictures of Savannah.  
While in Savannah we heard about a water parade on Tybee island and we were warned to keep our doors locked and windows rolled up or you would get soaking wet, so we decided to check it out.  It seems that everyone from small kids, high school kids, college kids and adults get in on the action.  People are lined up on a 2 mile stretch of the main road on both sides and have large barrels of water ready to reload their water guns.  Needless to say when we drove down the street before it was to actually start, we did get our car washed.  This only occurs once each year.

Friday, May 11, 2012

So we took off Thursday morning with Nancy in her favorite position.  We headed to New Braunfuls and attended our nieces college graduation this morning with a weekend of celebration to follow.  But then, we got the report that part of our fence came down, so I think we were lucky compared to other damage we read and heard about in Corpus.

We will be heading east on Sunday headed for Savanah, Georgia.